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“Dreaming.Soaring.Launching in2015”and Success of 2014 DSPPA Annual Party

“Dreaming.Soaring.Launching in2015”and Success of 2014 DSPPA Annual Party
President of DSPPA Cooperation Addressing for the Annual Party

 “Dreaming.Soaring.Launching in 2015” and success of 2014 DSPPA Annual Party holds grandly on January 23th 2014 with all the employees gathering and celebrating.
It is such a grand annual party with magnificent stage, passionate music, and energetic DSPPA employees. At 13:30, 2014 DSPPA Annual Party is staged formally. On the stage, the DSPPA Instructor Group first presents the DSPPA spirit: capability, professionality, excellence. We must practice firmly our core value which is “professionality, integrity, responsibility, customer-oriented, share, win-win”; with mission of “Creating the best, sounding the world”, in order to complete the vision “To be respectable, to be worldwide”… Their powerful and sonorous vow makes a splendid opening for the annual party.
Over the last year, the president of DSPPA Cooperation, Mr. Wang Heng has led the DSPPA employees doing a good job. He affirms the achievements made in 2014 and expects a brighter future of DSPPA Cooperation.

The vision, mission and value of DSPPA takes root in all the employees who hold a DSPPA dream. To welcome this grand party, these talented people spare no effort to grace the party. The It consists of eye-catching performance with vigorous spirit presented by the Instructors Group , the fierce competition in morning conference between the Research Center, the Production Center, and the Domestic and International Marketing Center, the gripping speeches  “I am a DSPPA-er” delivered by the competitors.  

The Production Center “Raptor” Giving a Performance

The Research Center “Wang Warriors” Giving a Performance

The Domestic Marketing Center “Roaring Dragon” Giving a Performance

The International Marketing Center “Spirited Elite” Giving a Performance

The Production Center “War wolf” Giving a Performance

The Champion of the Speech Competition “I am a DSPPA-er”, LING PENG

The Runner-up of the Speech Competition “I am a DSPPA-er”, Li Jianshen

The Third Winner of the Speech Competition “I am a DSPPA-er”, Zhu Xueqing

DSPPA has changed dramatically in 2014 with a strong power supported by its staff, which promotes company development. It is always DSPPS’s indispensible belief to undertake social responsibility. DSPPA has led its staff to making donation for BUTOU Elementary School, nursing room, and many others in need. Now in order to solve the problems of all the staff, the President Wang Heng set up a love fund and he donates 0.5million for it.

Launching Ceremony for the Love Fund

In 2014, DSPPA still sustains steady economic growth even though the economic environment is not in good condition. In this annual party, representatives of the Research Center, Production Center, Domestic Marketing Center and the International Marketing Center make a profound conclusion for the past year and make a plan as well as promise for the coming year. President Wang Heng is with them taking a mass pledge.

G.M. Xi Making an Executive Summary for the Domestic Marketing Center

G.M. Huang Making an Executive Summary for the International Marketing Center

G.M. Wang Making an Executive Summary for the Research Center

G.M. Ruan Making an Executive Summary for the Production Center

G.M. Huang Making an Executive Summary for the Production Center

President Wang Heng Taking a Mass Pledge with Executives

Awards for Outstanding Employees

Awards for Outstanding Teams

Awards for Outstanding Executives

Quality accomplishes reputation. Quality is the most important factor in developing a company. Holding tightly with this belief, DSPPA undertakes more and more national projects.

Awards for Outstanding Leaders

Awards for Outstanding Suppliers (1)

Awards for Outstanding Suppliers (2)

At last, under the leadership of President Wang Heng, all the staff dance with the music “marching together” to successfully complete the 2014 DSPPA annual party.

President Wang Heng Dancing with All the Staff