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Company Profile

Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd. (DSPPA,ZABKZ,OTEWA), founded in 1988, is a global famous manufacturer ofprofessional audio products.ZABKZ is a specialist for developing and producing the Public Address (PA) devices, Digital Conference System, Home Audio System and is famous for its high quality products andservices. ZABKZ has been the supplier of 2008 Beijing Olympics, the supplier of Expo 2010 Shanghai China,and the supplier of Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 Russia. Guangzhou ZABKZ is the chief editorial company ofthe Technical Code for Public Address System Engineering,which is the first Chinese standard for PA systemengineering, filled up the technical vacancy in the PA industry.

ZABKZ Milestones

Year 1988  ZABKZ was founded

Year 1989  The first company in China adopted modern audio manufacturing technology in public address industry

Year 1990  Developed the first Stereo Decoder SG9200 in China, which was awarded "The Prize of National Science Progress".

Year 1994  Developed the first Intelligent Public Address System in the world: MP98 PA System.

Year 1996  Awarded the membership of "China Association of Electronic Audio Engineering Society".

Year 1997  Established the leading position in public address industry of China

Year 1999  Developed the first Public Address Matrix Host with touch-screen function in the world: MAG1000 PA System; Total amount of public address projects broke through 100,000 cases.

Year 2000  Developed the world’s first built-in public address equipment with touch panel--MAG1189

Year 2002  Entered the international market

Year 2003  Developed China’s first network public address system--MAG5182

Year 2004  Awarded the membership of "China Association of Recording Engineers" The largest public address industrial park in China built by ZABKZ put into use.

Year 2006  Invited to be the chief editor of Technical Code for Public Address System Engineering of PRC Global export business has extended to 39 countries and regions with 58 international dealers.Joined the PALME ASIA 2006, Bangkok, Thailand; Prolight+sound Show 2006, Frankfurt, Germany.

Year 2007  Successfully bid to get PA projects of 10 main stadiums for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games as PA system key Supplier. As one of senior member of "China Association of Electronic Audio Engineering Society", authorized to draft the first Chinese national standard for public address-- Technical Code for Public Address System Engineering, which is the first standard for PA system in China or even the world. 

Awarded as "One of the Most Powerful Ten International Brands in Light and Sound Industries" by the Prolight+sound Show 2007, Frankfurt, Germany; Palme Middle East 2007, Dubai; Infocomm 2007, USA; Palme Singapore 2007.

Year 2008  Undertook 10 key public address projects in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.Joined the Prolight+sound Show 2008, Frankfurt, Germany; Palme Middle East 2008, Dubai; Infocomm 2008, USA; Palme Singapore 2008.

Year 2009  “Phased Array Column Speaker” was awarded the Scientific and Technological Achievement Joined the Prolight+sound Show 2009, Frankfurt, Germany; Palme Middle East 2009, Dubai. Successfully bid to get over 90% PA projects for Expo 2010 Shanghai China.

Year 2010   Undertake 80% of the Shanghai Expo public address projects

Year 2011   Awarded “New and High Technology Enterprise” “Top 10 National Brands”

Year 2012   The latest DSPPA conference system was adopted in Asia Europe Meeting

Year 2013   Awarded “China Top 10 Brands in Intelligent Building Industry and Public Address System”

Year 2014   Undertook the public address project of China Expo.Undertook the public address project of Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 Russia
Kicked off the internationalization of the National Standard – Technical code of public address system engineering (GB 50526)