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DSPPA Got Big Success in 2014 Security China

DSPPA Got Big Success in 2014 Security China

DSPPA Got Big Success in 2014 Security China

On Oct 28th to 31st, 2014, the 12th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security is held in Beijing.  This is a grand gathering of Security Industry, Chinese and foreign security companies have the opportunity to display their special products and technology to all over the world. DSPPA, as the leading designer and manufacturer of PA product in China, is warmly welcomed by visitors from domestic and abroad.


Locate in C104 of Hall W1, DSPPA shows its latest PA system, conference system, and smart home audio system in the booth for customer experience.  The booth is so crowed with visitors, and some clients even call this place “Product Experience Park”!


More and more emergencies are happening everyday, which greatly threatened citizen’s safety and property.  Thus, PA system is becoming an indispensible part of the security system to reduce or even avoid the damage to people when emergencies happen. PA system is normally used in airport, railway station, school, building, supermarket and shopping malls for business announcements and background music, but those audio signal will be forcibly override and changed to emergency broadcast in case of any emergency. 


DSPPA, as a member of China Security & Protection Industry Association, exhibit its representative IP PA System, Intelligent PA System and Wireless PA System in this show.  One of the most important functions of those systems is responding to emergencies.  Once public emergency occurs, the system can send out alarm signal immediately, and on-site command of evacuation can be ensured by the PA system also to reduce the damage caused. DSPPA booth is filled with worldwide visitors during the whole exhibition.  DSPPA IP PA system is full digital transmission and based on the DSPPA protocol and the TCP/IP protocol.  This IP system can take advantage of the existing LAN/WAN, for example Internet, which can realize long-distance digital transmission and at the same time save time and cost on wiring. For traditional PA system, the monitor can only be realized in station and transmission is one-way. Whereas, the IP system have interactive functions and can create new zones and groups easily.





               One Touch Emergency Terminal and Telephone Terminal of Safe City IP PA System\

In this International Security Exhibition, DSPPA draw attention of many oversea customers with its good reputation and excellent products.  Technical Code for Public Address System Engineering of PRC (GB50526-2010) released by China government in 2010 is now being translated to English. DSPPA, as the chief editor of this Technical Code, will endeavored to make this standard internationalized.  DSPPA will make great effort to gain more reputation in global market and fulfill its mission: “Creating the best, sounding the world”


                                                       Customers in DSPPA Booth


                                                         DSPPA Spirit!