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Classroom Audio Solution-WL6608

Classroom Audio Solution-WL6608

This is a classroom PA solution powered by the active speaker WL6608. WL6608 is a stereo active speaker

with built-in 2x40W amplifier. It can be applied in a classroom up to 80 m2 to meet the needs of voice

reinforcement. It supports aux line input and microphone input. One set of WL6608 consists of one master

active speaker one slave passive speaker. There is also provision to allow chain connection to more WL6608

for bigger coverage areas. It can be easily installed and deployed in areas where signal and power cabling is

accessible. It’s an ideal choice for classroom voice reinforcement.



Built-in 2x40W high fidelity class D digital amplifier

Support AUX line and microphone input for excellent musical and vocal reproduction

Allow chain connection to more WL6608 for bigger coverage areas

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