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The 8th China Flower Expo adopted ZABKZ audio system


The 8th China Flower Expo is held in the international garden city- Changzhou, Jiangsu on Sep 28th, 2013. With great honor

and pleasure, ZABKZ supplies Network PA system to thelargest and most influential national flower event.


The 8th China Flower Expo

ZABKZ Network PA system is a highly integrated and intelligent public address system which is based on computer networking

technology(CNT) and constructs in modularized structure. With full digital transmission and LAN as its main transmission

media, the transmission distance is unlimited. By adopting the existing LAN structure, the installation of Network PA system is

fast and economical.This system is perfect in interaction for realizing network convergence. It is a great breakthrough of

traditional PA system which only supports one-way transmission from central room to broadcasting areas.

The 8th China Flower Expo exhibits flowers both indoor and outdoor. The number of visitors is over 100,000 each day. With

hundreds of ceiling speakers, wall-mounted speakers, garden speakers and outdoor waterproof column speakers, the Network

PA equipment cover the whole Expo. The Expo’s tour guide, evacuation instructions and other information are all broadcasted by

ZABKZ Network PA system.

By sounding the 8th China Flower Expo, ZABKZ Network PA system plays an important role in the smooth running of the event.

The system’s performance is highly appreciated by hosting company and visitors. ZABKZ Network PA system will continue to

offer public address service to the Flower Expo.


 The 8th China Flower Expo


 Waterproof column speaker in the Flower Expo